The Executive Forum

Founded on the premise that business is nurtured through developing relationships, The Executive Forum is dedicated to helping members refine the art of networking through morning meetings featuring marketing roundtables and informative speakers, as well as social events and interaction with other organizations.


The Executive Forum has approximately 20 members which comprise professionals from various disciplines including accounting and financial planning, legal, sales and marketing, telecom, real estate, architecture and interior design, wellness and other disciplines. Members are committed to developing relationships with each other through outside meetings and to helping each other through the exchange of information and referrals. With the contacts of each professional, the group as a whole provides a wealth of knowledge and contacts in many areas.


Morning meetings are held every three weeks in the Executive Dining Room at 800 Westchester Ave in Rye Brook. Breakfast and networking begins at 7:30 am and meetings start at 8:00 am and usually end at 9:30 am. A typical agenda includes:
  • Welcome / About the Executive Forum
  • Introductions
  • Committee Reports
  • Announcements
  • Thank You's, Leads and Reverse Leads
  • Member Spotlight or Speaker or Seminar
  • Closing / Next Meeting Announcement

Meeting Venue

Executive Dining Room
800 Westchester Ave
Rye Brook, NY 10573


David Richman
914-422-0100 x13

2018 Schedule

January 4 Meeting
January 25 Meeting
February 15 Meeting
March 8 Meeting
April 19 Meeting
May 10 Meeting
May 31 Meeting
June 21 Meeting
September 27 Meeting
October 18 Meeting
November 8 Meeting